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Solar Watch Queens & Long Island

What is Solar Watch Queens & Long Island? Our organization is dedicated to providing residents in our area with the most up-to-date and pertinent solar energy information for our localities. Why is this so important? Well, going solar is a big thing and although it will save you money in the long run, the upfront investment is a pretty big deal. Knowing this, local authorities provide a lot of different governmental incentives for residential and commercial entities to switch to solar energy. Keeping up with all these solar programs and understanding which is right for you becomes nearly and possible and may even cause people to give up on solar all together. That is where we come in and give clients in Queens & NYC clear and concise directions on which type of solar energy and which solar programs are right for them. We teach the smallest and largest clients how they can maximize the potential of their solar power and save the most money.  
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Government Subsidization & Refunds for Going Solar in Long Island, NY

Life amongst the permanent residents of the state of New York, home to the famous Big Apple, is becoming a lot affordable, thanks to Solar rebates from the government. In one of America’s most populous states and a place where use of solar energy is a norm, news of subsidies and refunds are some excellent news.

New York isn’t the warmest of all places in the US. As a matter of fact, this state is lucky to get about 4-kilowatt hours of sunlight a day, compared to warmer places like Arizona.

But this hasn’t stopped New York from becoming a hotbed of solar energy. And to top this up, the state now offers a vast array of solar incentives that benefit both the homeowners and business owners, including those in the Long Island.

Get Solar With NY Incentives

This state ranks first for local solar rebates and third all over the US on the infrastructure for solar panel grid installations. Heavily populated areas like Queens, NY are yelling "Get Solar" on top of their lungs. These incentives consist of three main types:

1.      New York Net Metering

It is a critical policy that helps solar power users earn a fair price for every amount of power sold to the national grid. The best thing about New York Net Metering is the fact that credits for excess solar energy produced during summer are kept in a “credit bank” and later become available in winter when there’s little from the solar.

The three popular top utility net metering plans are:

·         National Grid

·         Consolidated Edison

·         PSE&G

2.      The Megawatt Block Incentive Structure

This is a generous and direct incentive for solar energy users. It falls under the state’s ambitious NY-Sun Initiative and offers an upfront dollars-per-watt refund. The amount of rebate one gets on the amount of solar energy produced in a given area. But it could be as massive as a dollar per watt.

3.      New York State Solar Equipment Tax Credit

The state is so friendly towards green energy users that their tax credit can slash one’s state tax payments by up to 25% or $5,000 off one’s solar energy costs (whichever is lower). Solar Equipment Tax Credit is beneficial in two ways, namely:

·         It is not mandatory that you buy the system to qualify for the credit. Even with a lease or PPA, you’re good to go!

·         With a tax liability that’s so huge that it could claim your entire year’s credit, the state allows you to roll it over to the next year.

Furthermore, through the state-run Affordable Solar program, anyone with solar panels is eligible for having their rebates doubled if their level of income qualifies for the plan. Solar isn’t taxed when taxing property tax and sales tax in New York while all homeowners who install solar panels in their houses automatically get 25% off their long lasting solar panels or $5,000 off one’s solar energy costs.

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Solar Watch Queens & Long Island

Solar Watch Queens & Long Island

630 Old Country Rd
Garden City NY 11530
(516) 554-8771

Solar Watch Queens & Long Island — Home Improvement, Construction — Garden City

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